Droica Systems are flexible and conceived to accomplish a myriad of jobs. We customize solutions to the client’s needs and provide all of the hardware and software required. We configure, install and maintain all of are solutions.

Designed for small and medium-size companies, the Droica Firewall is a Netfilter based system that allows full control of network traffic and supports features such as stateful packet filtering, NAT, DHCP and VPN. With configurable policies and rules over multiple zones, a wide range of router, firewall and gateway applications can be achieved.

Mail Server
Droica Mail is a server featuring all modern mail capabilities to enable the full potential of Windows and Linux based networks and email clients. Standard protocols such as IMAP, POP and SMTP are supported for as many domains as required. Web mail allows users access to their mailbox from any browser on the Internet.

Web Server
The Droica Web server is an Apache based system supporting web services such as HTTP, FTP and SSH and a multitude of server scripting technologies from PHP to XML.

File Server
Droica’s file server is an affordable solution for organizations wanting a simple way of creating a reliable repository for the company’s precious information. The system features various backup options, RAID potential and connectivity to all Windows and Unix/Linux based systems.

Wireless Connectivity
Droica offers gateway, mail data access solutions for wireless handheld such as the Blackberry from Research In Motion and Palm devices. Our solutions for the Blackberry include:
   · Blackberry Connectivity SDK (MobiLINK)
   · Blackberry SSH client
   · Extended Blackberry Mail Client
   · Blackberry software development kit
   · Blackberry Gateway