Walkera Runner 250 Advance Upgrade

This documentation will be discussing how to upgrade Walkera Runner 250 advance to the MultiWii 2.4. This upgrade does not require any hardware modifications or disassembly. It can be done with the normal USB firmware upgrade procedure as describe by Walkera. You can also revert back to any old Walkera official version. I included to the MultiWII some modifications that will prevent the walkera flip of death. It will emulate the zero throttle air mode.

Update software:

Configure parameters:

Reconfigure remote:

The drone motors ARM are not done anymore with the stick. The drone motors ARM is done with the FMD switch. Warning if the switch FMD is not at 0 the motors can start to spin at any time. The camera is controlled with the GEAR switch.

With this update the switches gives the following modes:

0 Disarm manual Take photo when switched from Position 1; Video OFF
1 ARM, normal flight GPS Hold Take photo when switched from Position 0; Video ON
2 ARM, Flight Plan Return to Home

The following application will allow to prepare a flight plan:

”…\Walkera Runner Kit\WinGUI_2.3pre10b71\WinGUI_2.3pre10(b7)\MultiWiiWinGUI.exe”
When you run it for the first time, you must first click the ”GUI Settings” tab and set the three folder paths to the location of the folders on your machine: